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Aug 25, 2023

Listeners, today on "The Laser Light Show," we’re thrilled to introduce a practitioner whose dedication and diverse expertise make him a true gem in the healthcare community: Dr. Jason West.

Dr. West firmly believes in the continuous journey of learning. His philosophy is that no single medical professional possesses all the answers; it’s the constant pursuit of knowledge that uncovers unique and invaluable insights, procedures, and treatments that benefit patients. His compassion is evident when he speaks of patients who, after exhausting conventional medical treatments, finally find hope at his clinic. Dr. West’s heartfelt wish? If only they had reached out to him sooner, perhaps they could have been spared much suffering.

Based in Pocatello, Idaho, Dr. West manages the globally-recognized West Clinic, a medical institution with a legacy spanning over a century. This clinic, established in 1916, stands testament to four generations of dedicated doctors and has treated six generations of grateful patients. The West Clinic's reputation is such that it attracts individuals from every US state and even from distant continents.

Dr. West's educational background is both impressive and diverse. He graduated from the Southern California University of Health Sciences, where he was lauded with the Outstanding Senior Award by his peers and the Presidential Leadership Award by the university's president. Twice, in 2012 and 2016, he was honored with the Idaho Chiropractor of the Year Award.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Dr. West further expanded his knowledge base by completing a fellowship in Oriental Medicine, earning a Diplomate in Nutrition, and pursuing a second doctorate as a Naturopathic Doctor. This vast reservoir of knowledge, combined with the diverse expertise of his team at the West Clinic, enables them to craft comprehensive treatment plans for a myriad of diseases. For those who are curious about the outcomes of his treatments, patient success stories can be found on the digital blog

An accomplished author, Dr. West has penned scientific articles on headaches and authored several books. Notably, his book "Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease" claimed the #1 spot on Amazon's Best Seller list. His other noteworthy publication, "Hidden Secrets to Healthy Living," serves as both a guide to wellness and a cookbook. Apart from writing, Dr. West is a sought-after speaker, having addressed audiences worldwide at conferences. His seminars are a treasure trove of information, covering topics like clinical nutrition, chronic disease, and energy deficits.

On a personal note, Dr. West cherishes time with his beloved wife, Maxine, and their five sons. Together, they indulge in adventurous pursuits like snowmobiling and motorcycle riding. When Dr. West seeks a moment of relaxation, you'll find him either gracefully playing the piano or engrossed in his reading.

As we delve deeper into the world of low-level laser therapy today, Dr. Jason West's expertise promises a session filled with profound insights. Let’s get started!